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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stress cleaning

My great grandmother died this summer... just two weeks ago actually. There was a flurry of panicked trips back and forth from my home 5 hours away from her home. I managed to get there in time and say good-bye. Today, I got some bad news about a friend, it was sudden, completely unexpected. He leaves behind 2 daughters and a loving wife. They live several states away, so I am not headed there yet, but I probably will be soon. Today I am going to get in the kitchen and clean the hell out of it. It needs to be done yes, but I need to be doing something and there is nothing I can do for my friend right now. So I am going to clean and I am going to pray.

So if you want to walk this through with me, here is the game plan.

• Load and unload dishwasher until all dishes are done.

• Put away everything on the countertops,.

• Wipe down countertops with borax and water.

• Sweep floor.

• Mop floor.

• Put down area rugs.

• Sort through all of the papers/odds and ends on the fridge. Toss expired coupons and the like.

• Wipe down all appliances.

• Wipe exterior of cabinet doors.

• Put away food.

• Clean out refrigerator.


  1. See, that would have me under the covers. At least you're productive. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Hugs to you.

  2. I stress-clean too. OR, alternately, I stress-eat and stress-nap.

  3. Stress-napping makes me wake up more stressed weirdly, but almost every other emotion I celebrate with some extra rest. I went practically catatonic on my honeymoon, though that might have been post-stress napping. Wedding kerfuffles, oy!