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Monday, May 20, 2013

Busy Bee

One of the ways I have been busy these last few months has been in helping my husband to open our law firm. I KNOW!!! It is terribly exciting to go to school full time, shuttle the kids from school to activities and help out in a law firm, but such is the fabulous social whirl of my life. You know what, aside from the actual running around has proven to be a big workout? Relearning how to walk in heels!

Now, I used to be a PRO at walking in heels. I was lucky enough to be raised by drag queens, so my training was thorough. Men walking in heels think about how to do it more than women do, I was told to walk more on my toes, suck in my stomach, walk from the knees instead of the hips. I had a pretty good "Sashay, Shante" in the late 90's, but a long fallow period of sneakers and flip-flops followed. I realize I have somewhat lost the knack since then. I don't know if it is actually good for you to walk in heels, but I always felt like "workout tired" after a long day of wearing them.

According to Jessica Kofoid in her article, "Walking in High Heels: The Physics Behind the Physique" I am correct, as Kofoid says, "High-heeled shoes are a classic way to enhance appearance because they create a classic poise and walk. They are able to transform the body to move in a provocative way mainly because they shift the center of gravity and cause the body to use more muscle and movement to maintain balance." (Emphasis mine)

So while I probably shouldn't wear high heels every day because Oh Em Gee, my back would break in half I think, at least I take comfort in the idea that wearing heels from time to time is giving me an unexpected calf and torso work out. It's science!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Summer fun!

I am taking a bit of a social media break, but I am going to get back to posting here daily. School's out for summer and here in Florida that means lots of beach and pool days, boating, fishing, snorkeling and even flat land hiking. This summer also means that I am saying good bye or sayonara to some dear friends who are deploying to Japan! They have promised to send my girls some Hello Kitty souvenirs, but I am hoping they will ALSO send us some fabulous

POPIN COOKIN toy candies!

Have you ever seen such a thing?! I find it mesmerizing in the extreme!

See you on the flip side, y'all and check out the Emmymade in Japan blog too!