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Monday, May 20, 2013

Busy Bee

One of the ways I have been busy these last few months has been in helping my husband to open our law firm. I KNOW!!! It is terribly exciting to go to school full time, shuttle the kids from school to activities and help out in a law firm, but such is the fabulous social whirl of my life. You know what, aside from the actual running around has proven to be a big workout? Relearning how to walk in heels!

Now, I used to be a PRO at walking in heels. I was lucky enough to be raised by drag queens, so my training was thorough. Men walking in heels think about how to do it more than women do, I was told to walk more on my toes, suck in my stomach, walk from the knees instead of the hips. I had a pretty good "Sashay, Shante" in the late 90's, but a long fallow period of sneakers and flip-flops followed. I realize I have somewhat lost the knack since then. I don't know if it is actually good for you to walk in heels, but I always felt like "workout tired" after a long day of wearing them.

According to Jessica Kofoid in her article, "Walking in High Heels: The Physics Behind the Physique" I am correct, as Kofoid says, "High-heeled shoes are a classic way to enhance appearance because they create a classic poise and walk. They are able to transform the body to move in a provocative way mainly because they shift the center of gravity and cause the body to use more muscle and movement to maintain balance." (Emphasis mine)

So while I probably shouldn't wear high heels every day because Oh Em Gee, my back would break in half I think, at least I take comfort in the idea that wearing heels from time to time is giving me an unexpected calf and torso work out. It's science!

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