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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Last Night's Dinner: Fajitas over salad greens

I sliced some beef into thin strips, seasoned them all over with adobo and cumin and placed them in a medium hot pan, lubed with a little olive oil. You must not have meat on top of any other meat, otherwise it will not brown correctly. Then as the beef cooked I quickly sliced up some sweet yellow, red and orange peppers and one onion; all into nice thin uniform strips. I seasoned the veggies and added them to the pan. Don't stir too much, but keep an eye, when some of the peppers get a good sear going, stir them so that others get to be on the bottom too. I turned the heat up to high for the last minute or so of cooking and added 1 cup of frozen corn stirred in well. Lastly I splashed some worcestershire sauce over the whole business and then turned the heat off. I served the fajitas over dressed salad greens (I used a honey balsamic dressing on torn up hearts of romaine) and topped everything with a sprinkle of cheese. If you have thawed beef ready to go this dinner can be on your table in 20 minutes! Fast and easy and pretty darn nutritious, check out all the veggies you're eating! In fact by subbing some cooked black beans for the meat, cooking the peppers and onions first, adding the beans and corn last, you could make some incredibly good vegetarian fajitas!

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