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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls

I am supposed to be moving house in a few weeks, but I am doing my level best to ignore that. By doing things like make cinnamon rolls, because yeah, that's helpful. I think what makes it harder is that I will be moving from my own home into someone else's home for a few months while my husband and I try to figure out where it is we want to live for a long time. My family has moved 5 times in the last 5 years, and when our landlord called at Christmas to tell us she wanted to sell the home we rent from her it just seemed like a sign for us to make a major change.

So, we are getting rid of many of our possessions, moving to my husband's home town and in with my in-laws and starting our own business. I KNOW< RIGHT!?!?! Some of you might remember that I was going to start a new project at the new year. My original idea was to do a year about home organization and housekeeping which historically has been a challenge for me. I'd much rather make dinner than do dishes and I'd even more rather read and write than do anything else. My husband and I decided back in January that we couldn't justify buying a house and settling permanently 6 hours away from my grandparents, my parents, his parents and the majority of our friends so we kept the news that we were leaving to ourselves until my husband could put in his one month notice.

Anyway, I will continue to cook, and write and read and raise my kids but I am nervous about the change, even though I know it will be a good change in the long run. I also need to think about a new topic for the blog. I am throwing it open to suggestions? Any ideas? Is living 3 generations in a single home something I could write about every day? How to ease children's transitions when we move? Book reviews? Movie reviews? Television recaps? All of the above? I am throwing it open to you guys. What do you want to hear about?

Also, I have been very busy collecting ideas for my new "someday" home on Pinterest, please feel free to follow me (Suzanne Costner) there! I have found some COOL stuff.


  1. I'd be very interested in hearing about the "starting the own business" part of things!

    Also, does Pinterest give users invites to give to other users? As weird as it sounds, I want to set Ronald up with a page so he can stop bugging me about posting stuff on Facebook for him. :o)

  2. Ha! You can invite a friend by email. Does he have an email address?

    You're right, starting your own business is something a lot of people can relate to and it would be good to document the process. Why didn't I think of that? I am so glad I have smart friends. :)

  3. I think I commented and this and it didn't "stick" for whatever reason, but anyways... I am very excited to read about your adventures! It is so cool you guys are going to do that (and so cool you'll be within a fairly easy driving distance so we can see you this summer!).

    Ro's email address is Ronald82006 at gmail. We don't really use it for much except for logging into the Chromebook but he's starting to get really interested in "posting" stuff and is always asking me to put pictures on FB for him, so I though Pinterest might be a nice start to the social networking world.

  4. I like your ideas about blog topics. I suspect that "living 3 generations in a single home" will be a rich topic. If it is something you are able to write about publicly, I would be interested. I also struggle a lot with housekeeping and organization. Encouragement and helpful hints on those topics are always great.

  5. @Erica, I just invited Ro!

    @CommonHouseholdMom, thanks! I may not be posting a whole lot in the next few weeks with the move and all, but I hope you come back for whatever weird and wonderful is on the way. Thanks you so much for your great comments. :)

  6. I say writing about moving 5 times in 5 years is a lot of material! Good luck with the move Suzanne! P.S. Those cinnamon rolls look yummy!