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Friday, January 3, 2014


Like virtually every other woman my age, I use the social media site Pinterest, which combines the non-stop thrill ride of screwing around on the internet with the go-go hedonism of scrap booking. It's the perfect hobby for the exhausted mother of two. I feel like I am accomplishing something, "Making plans for the birthday!", "Collecting cookie recipes", "Decorating ideas for the kids' rooms." without actually having to, you know, make cookies or decorate anything. Because that crap is tiring. And messy. And may require me to talk to my family.

I have various boards for long-term projects, like when we finally purchase our own home, the poetically named "The Home Sweet Home of Someday, Somewhere" for home decor ideas. I have some lists of things I saw on the internet that made me laugh, and then I have some weird stuff I truly thought would only be of interest to me. My most popular board by far is "Odd Socks" which I started because my kids apparently can only have one sock of any kind at a time. In fact, I'm not sure how they did it, but we were at a friend's house recently and my kids managed to leave some random socks in her front yard.

I also have some inspirational pins featuring women I admire over at, "Awesome Women". I'm also slowly gathering statements that reflect "My Life Philosophies".

So, if you too are a person who wishes to escape the sordid reality of often being too busy to shower and you wish to join me in my fantasy world where I make my own bath products, follow me on Pinterest. And remember:

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