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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weird Wednesday: Lasagna with Asparagus and White Beans

Okay, my image of a lasagna is either a succulent, multi cheese and herb vegetarian lasagna or a rich tomatoey sauce and Italian sausage blend. This is neither... in fact at first glance bears only an academic resemblance to lasagna, but don't let this deter you. This is a tasty and luxurious entry into the ranks of the finest lasagnas.

My husband found the recipe on "Choosy Beggars" and I have to say at first I was resistant. Then he explained there would be a cream sauce and I edged carefully into hesitant. Then he showed me the gorgeous pictures of the lasagna and I was reticent, and then we actually pulled the hot, bubbly, aromatic lasagna from the oven and I was ardent!

Basically you make a roasted red pepper and garlic sauce in place of the tomato sauce. Then you make a bechamel and you use port salut cheese and asiago (we didn't have those and subbed in parmesan and mozzarella). The asparagus was on sale and the white beans already in the cupboard so this was an economical meal since we didn't have to make a special trip to go buy any complicated ingredients.

The prep time would have been easier had we made the roasted red pepper sauce the night before, but at least the beans were already cooked and waiting in the fridge. Using the same ingredients in different ways (as we used asparagus and white beans in Monday's soup) is also a time saver. Do yourselves a favor and go look at the website, the lasagna was super yummy, the kids even had seconds and we all had a small green salad and some sliced pears on the side. Different and delicious!

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