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Saturday, August 29, 2009

In which I take a vacation from Facebook

I tend to be a person who edits herself. Oh, not when I am speaking, no. Things, often very, very inappropriate things come flying out of my mouth at an unseemly rate. I once knocked over an unopened can of coke as I was ringing up the youngest, cutest professor at the bookstore of my hubby's law school. I apologized and urged him to be careful opening the can. He said, "Ah, if it gets on my tie, you mean I might have to take the darn thing off?" I said, "Yes, but what if it gets on your pants?"

So, in my writing, I tend toward careful editing. Its practically the only chance I get to think about what I am trying to say.

I have had some bad Facebook experiences with people who could perhaps use a bit more of an "editorial process". It started with everyone going bananas about Health Care reform. I posted links to several independent sources that pointed out, "Why no, Obama is not going to kill your grandfather." I want to debate the issues; I don't want to rehash the scare tactics. This began a 27 post reply process from many people I have known for years. Most of them were posting about their own trials and tribulations with insurance companies or the difficulty they have had getting insurance at all. However one of my friends, let's call him D compared my friend N's dying of AIDS (due to his inability to get quality health care or insurance) to D working to repair people's computers for free. What the what? We took a wrong turn down the free-market expressway with that one, baby. Somehow adding a non-profit component to the healthcare system is like you working on computers for free? And that won't work? Well, thanks for clearing THAT up. We can all rest easy, apparently to get rid of AIDS all you need to do is reboot and trust the invisible hand of the market.

Ted Kennedy's passing brought out a whole 'nother level of vitriol I was unprepared for. You know, when Nixon died, I would no sooner have trashed him to all of my friends than I would have travelled to his grave to dance a jig. Sure, Nixon was not my favorite president, but when someone dies you do not begin the wretched smack talk. I was raised to believe in basic civility. So after the last tasteless and horrific "joke" about his passing I decided to take a break. I'll be back. The lure of the "Crack"book is strong, but I won't be on as often ever again. It's a time drain and not necessary to my life. And apparently it brings out the crazy in a lot of people that I love. If I wanted that, I'd just go to a family reunion...


  1. What I love is when an MT posts something that brings out a screamer and other MTs get in on the discussion. The latest one I saw was a post by round peg where tjb and expat briton responded to someone posting nonsense.
    If I posted something about healthcare the large majority of my RL friends would scream socialism, it's nice to know the MTs are around to support me!
    I don't think we are fb friends but if you come back, look me up!

  2. I will look you up.

    I have a love/hate relationship with the trainwreck posts. I read them obsessively, but sometimes people say stuff that is so OUT THERE that I am rendered breathless. I wonder,"What was the purpose of that?"

    I think I am a little bit sensitive to writing in a way that I am not in speech. People SAY rude stuff to me all the time, but to take the time to WRITE it, it makes it feel more like an affront. Is that weird?

  3. i recently broke up with my girlfriend for 5 years and facebook is not helping me get over her. so goodbye facebook! Hello real world.