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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Things to Do

I think we all have day to day "to-do" lists, but I also have great big LIFETIME to do lists. Here is a sample...

*Learn to ride a motorcycle
*Learn how to knit
*Make some real clothing,(e.g. sewing, advanced)
*Travel to Italy, stay in a villa, gain 10 pounds
*Learn to snow ski
*Go surfing (learn to surf)

Those are some of the "fun" things on the list, there is also harder stuff.

*Be honest. Be really honest with people.
*Go to college
*Be financially responsible
*Face things I find challenging
*Stop bluffing.

Then there is some random stuff that I may or may never accomplish.

*Win an award that requires a ball gown to accept it
*Create a vegetable garden and cook and eat out of it
*Own a house with a wrap around porch
*Drive a semi-truck

My brain is feeling crunchy-fried right now, so I am not going to flesh this out more. What's on your life time list? Do you have one? Do you have a list of things you never want to do (again?)


  1. I'm thinking of making this into a post. I'll link you if I do!

  2. Sure! I think "own and operate a bakery" has recently made the list too.

  3. http://docs.google.com/previewtemplate?id=0Aqko7Xi-nxN1dEJWY2VYdjlCdGY2eWdJNUdZdW9hX3c&mode=public

    FOLLOW THIS LINK TO GOOGLE'S LIFE CHECKLIST TEMPLATE!!! Oops caps lock. Anyhow, Google thinks of everything!