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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grilled chicken and 3 sides

I like Mojo marinade on chicken, you basically let chicken pieces sit in your mojo marinade turning from time to time and then grill it. YAY! Simple. If you don't have mojo on hand then combine whatever citrus juices you've got, a splash of white wine vinegar and season your chicken with adobo (or salt, pepper, and garlic) and let the pieces sit in that mixture until time to grill. Never baste with marinade that the chicken was sitting in and never heat up marinade and use that for dipping sauce. You could get salmonella and die. Seriously. My uncle nearly lost his life from some tainted chicken. I should also mention that you never thaw chicken or any other meat on the countertop. Safest way to defrost is to put the meat in a bowl or baking dish in the fridge in the morning and let it defrost all day. Microwave is a safe defrost method as well, but I hate it when it starts to "cook" the food around the edges, gross!

I also steamed some frozen corn niblets, seasoned them with House Blend (Paula Deen) and added some butter. I made broccoli slaw, and I made some cheesy mac and cheese. The kids cleaned their plates and asked for seconds.

Tomorrow will be the busiest day I have had in a long time. Thankfully today we got our bags packed for our trip to Washington D.C. next week. Tomorrow we go to our neighborhood's big party at 8 a.m. We leave the party by 8:45 to get to church where I am hosting a booth at our Ministry Fair (way more fun than it sounds, trust me) then 11 a.m. mass where my Darling Girl will be reading one of the prayers of the faithful and then home for lunch (leftovers) then on to her final basketball game and award ceremony and then MAYBE go to the open house at the Dolphin Research Center to see their new "Spray-ground" one of those splash parks where there are fountains and shallow pools and squirters. Should be a HOOT! And then dinner of course. I am thinking I might put a roast in the crockpot on low and then come home and make some rice and some frozen veggies.

Next week's menus will all be on a theme of "how do we use up all the fresh food in the house" so we can leave our fridge clean and emoty for our trip. Another highlight of the week ahead, next Tuesday is Fat Tuesday! I am going to try and make some Cajun/Creole food, or failing that some beignets and then on Ash Wednesday I am going to be making a vegetarian vegetable soup for my church to share. Each year we kick off Lent with a church supper called Stone Soup. In fact I will be at the Ministry Fair tomorrow making a pitch to all the parishoners to come and join us that night.

I hope you all are having a good weekend, hug your family tight and thanks for reading.

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