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Monday, May 2, 2011

Meatless Monday: Hoo Boy

So, let's see. Since I last blogged I have been through my oldest's First Reconciliation and First Communion sacraments, stuffing and hiding hundreds of Easter Eggs, performing as Mary Magdalene's Sister (I decided her name was Barbara Magdalene), dressing 5 little girls as angels, hosting my parents and in-laws in my home for a few days, driving 10 hours round trip for a funeral service and taking care of my youngest who had stomach flu and fever and then thoughtfully gave those things to me. I was so sick yesterday I thought I might never eat again, certainly never cook again and of course abandon all food or food related activities.


Well, I am back today. After 48 hours of living on ginger ale and toast I can say all I was up to for myself was making some mashed potatoes. I boiled some chopped, washed and skin on potatoes in enough salted water to cover them by an inch. I put a lid on the pot to bring them to a boil faster and then uncovered them when they started boiling hard. After letting them boil at high temp for a few minutes I reduced the heat to a low boil until the potatoes were tender but not falling apart. I drained off most of the water and added some butter and Greek yogurt to the hot potatoes as well as about 2 TB of Ranch dressing mix and mashed all with a potato masher. Then I added some milk and blended further with an immersion blender. After tasting the spuds needed a bit more salt and some pepper. I served mine with a bit of crunchy vegetarian Bacos on top and called it a night for myself.

The kids had leftover mac and cheese with apple sauce, cut up carrots and celery sticks and some sliced pear. Hubby had all of that plus some sausage his parents had sent from Virginia.

My husband is unfortunately sick too, so my "menu" for the next few days is just to take it easy with the cooking and let everyone eat anything that appeals and/or will stay down. When you are sick I think it is perfectly permissible to make cans of soup, microwave popcorn, toast or order out even. Eat off paper plates, let the laundry pile up, take extra long showers, do what you can to take care and rest it really is the only way to get well.


  1. Time to get out the juicer and dust it off? Nothing says "Get better" than fresh healthy vegetable juices. Watch the hidden sugars though.

    Thanks for sharing and hope that the family is back up on their feet and doing well soon!

  2. I lack a juicer. I have a handheld squeezer for citrus and a blender though, have to try those out.