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Friday, March 9, 2012

Nostalgia Foods

If you grew up Catholic in the 80's, chances are there some foods you only eat on Friday nights in Lent. Cheese pizza is one. (My Mom actually argued the pizza guy down to a better rate on those cheese pizzas we were such good customers.) Tuna in cream sauce with peas over egg noodles and of course fish sticks. I seriously love these foods, but unless it is a Friday night in spring I really don't think about them.

We are having fish sticks tonight, coleslaw, vegetarian baked beans and spinach salad.

Have a good dinner y'all.


  1. I grew up Catholic (still am), but my family was never that strict with the 'no meat' Fridays during Lent. I guess my parents were progressive enough to argue that it was just another opportunity for seafood business owners to raise their prices during Lent, lol! (I wonder what the nuns from my Catholic school would think about me now...uh-oh....) ;-)

  2. Hahaha! That's why my Mom always talked the guy down on the pizzas I think. They were taking advantage of our meatlessness! :) Best not to think what the nuns think of any of us, you know?!