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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vegetarian Dinner in a SUPER HURRY!

Last night was meatless Monday and not only did I have to ferry both kids to and from dance class a half an hour away I needed to make a nice festive VEGAN meal plus a fun meal for the kids (four girls all together!) Normally I don't make a separate meal for kids and adults, but it was little W's birthday, she turned 4 years old! So of course a FUN dinner is your right on your birthday. For the grown ups I made a very fast meal and here is how I did it.

When you are in a super hurry, boxes of stuff are your friend.

Box of falafel mix + hot water + oil for frying = crispy, crunchy falafel balls
Box of organic mixed greens + sliced cucumbers, + sliced carrots and sliced tomato = fresh, crisp salad
Box of tabbouleh salad mix + hot water + olive oil + chopped cukes and tomatoes = zesty tabbouleh
Box of riso + hot water + ten minutes + olive oil = pasta dish
Jar of roasted asparagus spears packed in oil + jar of sun dried tomatoes + jar of roasted red peppers + package of kalamata olives = relish plate or antipasto
Premade Sabra brand hummus = DONE!
Package of pita breads = delicious "scoops" for salads and dips

If I'd had more time to let the flavors sit and marry I'd have made tzatziki sauce from Greek yogurt mixed with minced garlic, salt, chopped dill and shredded and squeezed dry cucumber, but as it was we had plenty of yummy and delicious food with plenty for leftovers lunch today.


  1. So you inspired me and I whipped out a box of falafel. OMG, gross. I must not know how to fry things - soggy on the outside, most of them disintegrated, and dry and gross on the inside. So sad because your meal sounded so delightful. :(

  2. It can be tricky to get them right the first time. You have to mix them but not over mix them, make them small and compact (an inch across) and make sure the oil is hot but not too hot for frying. I wait until the oil is shimmery but not smoking. The first time I made them they fell apart too. I like the Fantastic World Foods brand of mix though, they seem to be pretty easy to handle.

    Better luck next time! :)