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Friday, August 26, 2011

Easiest Dinners in the World

Some bonus posting today to make up for all the days I've missed due to moving, rats, kitchen appliance malfunction, electrical issues and family emergencies. YUP, it's been a month hasn't it?

Here are some of the fastest and easiest dinners I know how to make:

*Cheese quesadillas with a side of frozen or canned black beans and corn. If you have salsa or sofrito on hand you can toss some in with the black beans to give it some homemade flavor. A small Caesar salad would go great as well.

*Grilled cheese with tomato soup, salad and apple sauce.

*Macaroni and cheese with cut up all beef hotdogs, side of broccoli steamed in the microwave.

*Linguine and clam sauce, (a great pantry staples recipe!) Boil water for noodles, throw canned clams and canned tomatoes into a stock pot, hit it with some italian herbs, smashed clove of garlic and a slug of white wine. When the noodles are done, so is the sauce.

*Frozen cheese or meat raviolis with a side of sauteed green beans with garlic or onions.

*Frozen pot stickers prepared to package directions served with a bag of frozen stir-fry vegetables tossed with soy sauce or hoisin.

*Hamburger patty, done on the George Foreman grill or cooktop, side of cottage cheese and tossed salad.

*Chicken breast, pounded flat, cubed and cut up, season and sautee in a pan, toss with cooked hot rice or buttery noodles, serve with veggie of choice.

What are your go-to super fast suppers?


  1. Quesadillas are a big one here because my kids LOVE them. It's funny, they make there own at lunchtime in the microwave so when I make them in a skillet it's like a super treat!
    Spaghetti with jarred sauce and a roll of Jimmy Dean sausage is really good and simple.
    The other night I needed a quick dinner so we had deli fried chicken, biscuits (the frozen Pillsbury ones are awesome!) and steamed broccoli. As with any meal, quick or otherwise, prepping stuff ahead of time makes it so much easier! The beauty of it is that if I buy groceries on a Sunday, DH will prep the fruits and veggies for the week. We eat so much healthier when he does that!

  2. That is essential, prepping veggies for the week! You can even freeze certain veggies for the week of the month by freezing them. Freeze strips of skirt steak with sliced onions and peppers and place them all in a freezer bag for thaw and go fajitas for instance. Or make a chicken stir fry, place all in the bag with stir fry sauce and you have another thaw and go meal for another night.