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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where the heck have I been?

Moved out of old house, discovered small snake living in a hole in the rotted door jamb of old house, scare snake away, fill hole with expanding crack filler.

Move stuff in various bins, boxes and bags to new house, discover large black snake living in the laundry room (outdoor separate building) watch snake slither from laundry room to under the house. Freak OUT. Keep moving in, making sure to keep door more firmly closed. Go on vacation for a week, eat like a horse (amazing southern home cooking food) and return home rested, relaxed and ready to put the kitchen together and get cooking when I realized... SOMETHING has chewed through a bag of coffee and a bag of chocolate chips. I have a mouse. Maybe a rat. In my kitchen. Eating things. Walking on my counters.

I want to know what the HELL the snake has been doing that it let a rodent into my house?!

Also, should I get a cat?

The exterminator gets here at 2.


  1. Oh dear. Been missing your blog, Btw.

  2. It does seem as though the snake could at least pull its weight, doesn't it? Perhaps you just have a chipmunk. A cute little Chip and Dale living with you.

    Or maybe the rat's so big it scared the snake away. :::Shudder:::

  3. My husband is also cat allergic. We have a cat anyway. She gets a bath once a week to keep the allergen proteins down (and she honestly doesn't hate it....at least my arms aren't shredded). She brings us baby rats in return for lots of love and food.

  4. I have been thinking about leaving some food out for a feral cat and seeing if it will hang out here and scare pests away. I doubt we have a chipmunk as I don't think we have chipmunks here in Florida, but it could be a squirrel I guess. But most likely it is a rat. The traps have still not been sprung so maybe the snake finally did its job.