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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So this is a thing in the world... UPDATE

JC Penney is selling a shirt that reads "I'm Too Pretty to do Homework So My Brother Does it For Me". JC Penney is a multimillion dollar corporation that depends on consumers, a fair number of who must be women and mothers, to buy their products. Well, they just lost me and I made sure to let them know about it at their e-mail address jcpcorpcomm@jcpenney.com and on their Facebook page.

JCPenney pulled the "Homework" t-shirt, but is still selling this little gem and it is just if not MORE offensive. Please let them know what you think of their condescending attitude towards our daughters.


  1. A few years ago in the boy's section of department stores there were all kinds of t-shirts exclaiming about lack of desire to do homework and about the stupidity of girls. It's equal opportunity insult time!

  2. Hey, it worked:


  3. Here's the thing, they pulled that shirt but will continue selling THIS shirt
    http://jcp.is/nHMn7j which says My Best Subjects" Boys, shopping, music, dance. I love music and dance as much (or more) than the next gal, but THIS IS A DUMB shirt!

  4. This is an incredibly poor example to set for young girls, BUT most of them aren't buying their own clothes. Somewhere out their moms are forking over money for shirts like these, and JC Penney knows it.

  5. I agree that some mom somewhere is buying it, but I also know that the impulse to buy the shirt does not exist in a vacuum. We are all a part of culture; we all help to create it, by standing up and saying I want more for ALL of the daughters (and sons) out there, I am helping to create a positive place for them to grow and thrive.