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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Choose Your Own Adventure

I forgot I had a PTO meeting tonight, plus darling girl had basketball practice. Tonight was a choose your own adventure (dinner) night! Some of us had sliced pot roast over romaine lettuce and broccoli slaw, some of us had peanut butter crackers and apples, some of us had leftover hummus and carrot sticks. It was a free for all!

However the refrigerator is very, very clean, so BONUS!

Tomorrow is Fish Friday, I have to call my fisherman and put in an order. Oh yeah, my commercial fisherman delivers... to my house, super fresh fish that had been swimming only hours before. It's pretty sweet! Of course I am now spoiled for anything else!


  1. You had to tell us that! So cruel, so cruel ;)

  2. Envious beyond words that you can get fresh fish like that!

  3. Well, I am so happy about the arrangement, obviously. At Thanksgiving I decided to feature some "local" delicacies so we could be thankful for our own harvest, so in addition to Turkey and cranberry sauce (which I make with Florida orange juice) we also had Key Lime pie, and our fisherman brought us Florida lobsters and stone crab claws. It was a true feast and we were very grateful.