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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Italian Wedding Soup

Maybe inspired by my friend's brilliant testimony about her marriage, tonight I made Italian Wedding Soup. The recipe is mostly Ina Garten's and you can find it here. I used pre-made and frozen meatballs, and I used ABC pasta instead of stars. Also my broth was a combination of mushroom water, plain water and beef stock to suit the beef meatballs. I was also out of spinach so I used chopped, slender French green beans instead.

The soup was a good choice for tonight because after bravely shepherding me and my younger daughter through our various illnesses over the last week and a half, my poor husband came down with a cold today. He came home from work early which he never does, so some nice fragrant hot soup is always a good choice to cut through the funk in your head.

I hope your family, all families, stay well and happy tonight. Thanks for coming by!

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