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Friday, February 11, 2011

Fish Friday: Snapper and Scallop Paella

I got a paella pan for Christmas. A paella pan that you could easily bathe a small child in, a paella pan that is easily bigger than any cabinet I have in my teeny weensy kitchen. A paella pan that is just BEGGING to be filled with rice and saffron and scallops and snapper and sausage. A paella pan that will be used tonight. Because darn it I need to justify it as a cooking pan (and taking up a lot of space on top of my cabinets) or I need to just start bathing the two year old in it.

I have read a lot of paella recipes and here is how I am approaching the situation. I have some brown rice and saffron I could use but I think the length of cooking time it will take to make the rice will over cook the fish. I have snapper and scallops in my freezer that I need to use up. I also have mushrooms, lemons, white wine, and asparagus that need cooking. So I think what I will do is cook the sausage in the paella pan, then add some green peppers, onions and garlic to the pan and fry it up. Then I will add some yellow rice to the pan with some chicken stock and white wine and let that partially cook, then I will add my snapper and right before serving I will add my pre-seared scallops and some green peas. It should be a pretty nice dish.

I will serve with a salad garnished with baby tomatoes, pine nuts, and carrot curls. AND if it all comes out really well I will take a picture. Wish me luck!

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