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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chicken in White Wine

I love wine. I don't drink enough of it at any one time to justify buying a bottle unless I am also going to cook with it, so you know I am ALL about cooking with it. Tonight I sauteed some seasoned chicken breasts in bacon fat (yes I did) and then removed them from the pan and sauteed some chopped onion. I deglazed the pan in white wine and let it reduce. Then I added a pat of butter and some mushrooms and mixed those together into a sort of duxelle. When they were cooked I reduced the heat to low and allowed the chicken breasts to continue to cook until done. Then I covered them to keep warm.

Meanwhile I added a handful of celery and baby carrots to my pressure cooker. I added some salt, 1 TB of butter, 1 C of brown rice and 3/4 C of "mushroom water". When you reconstitute dried mushrooms, the water they are left sitting in can be saved and frozen for future us, it adds delicious flavor. I added another 1 1/4 C of plain water to the rice as well and started it on high pressure for 25 minutes.

I then cut the stems off some brussels sprouts and a few of the tough outer leaves and microwaved them in a little butter and water and sea salt for about 5 minutes.

Right before I serve the plates I will remove the chicken from the pan and briefly wilt the last of my baby spinach, and serve the chicken on top of that.

My husband stopped at the store for milk and saw some gorgeous cream puffs in the bakery on his way to the dairy case. So... guess what we are having for dessert?

Oh yeah baby! I AM BACK!

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