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Friday, February 25, 2011

Fish Friday: Yellowtail Snapper

So my husband met our favorite fisherman at the docks today to pick up our fish. This would basically be the only time in my life where I feel a bit like Ina Garten. But don't worry, that feeling will pass. We got some glorious yellowtail snapper, so fresh it was practically insulting. I decided to pan fry it and make a lemon butter pan sauce.

First I dredged the fish in flour seasoned with Paula Deen's house blend, then I added it to a pan sizzling with Smart Butter. (I usually work with real butter, so this was a risk.) The fish cooked perfectly on 3 minutes per side. The trick is to put the thicker fillets in the middle of the pan and the skinnier ones on the sides. Then I removed the fish and added a bit of flour, some more smart butter and the juice of half a lemon. I whisked all this together and then added some white wine. I stirred and stirred and then tasted. EW!!! Not good, I wonder if my lemons were just bigger than the ones called for in the recipe I was trying but ALL I could taste was lemon. I tried adding more wine and even some water, but I couldn't get the taste right. I poured it out, sauteed some spinach and made an Uncle Ben's 90 second rice bag of basmati rice and hoped for the best. The fish was delicious topped with a little fresh chopped parsley (the heat from the fish wilted it nicely), the rice needed a bit of butter and salt, the spinach was fine. I am danged disappointed in the pan sauce. Oh well, you live you learn, I just need another recipe.

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