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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Tonight I put a beef roast in the pressure cooker covered with french onion soup mix, I added water and red wine to the container plus celery and carrots. I put the timer on for 25 minutes on high pressure and I let it go! The easiest dinner, really. Sunday is a strangely busy day for us, church, Sunday school, grocery shopping, lunch and a basketball game, it goes by in a blur so I try and take it easy on Sundays.

Tomorrow for meatless monday I will be preparing a fabulous feast, roasted garlic, 3 kinds of cheese and homemade hummus and a great big salad! I hope you will be back for that!


  1. Can't wait to see what you serve with the cheese and hummus!

  2. Yeah, I can't wait either. I am thinking about tabbouleh salad, but I am not sold on anything yet. My go-to is to put the cheeses (goat and feta cheese) on pita, and then top that with garlic, but I think the kids palate's may not appreciate that yet. I am still pondering. :)

  3. I really, really want a pressure cooker now.

    Also, I love meatless Monday. Although I realize that I'm up to about three meatless days myself, and we do about four meatless dinners through the week. Crazy. Don't tell the hubby, though; he doesn't seem to have noticed and he'd probably insist on three weeks of bacon on steak to make up the lost time.

  4. I'm thinking I need a pressure cooker too, now.

    We're having your crab soup tonight. :)

  5. Yay! Seriously pressure cookers are like a little steamy gift from heaven. I wanted one forever and when I got it I was THRILLED. My husband was more trepidatious than I, he imagined it exploding in our kitchen. But the new ones are quite safe and easy to use. I swear I do not work for a pressure cooker company! :)

    "Meatless Mondays" are just a good tag, we eat vegetarian on other nights (and other meals) as well. I mean most mornings everyone here has cereal or oatmeal for breakfast and no one notices it is a vegetarian meal. Most of our lunches are peanut butter and jelly! So, in reality (and seemingly unnoticed by my meat and potatoes husband) we eat many veggie meals per week.

    Carina, enjoy the soup! We love it, I hope you do too!

  6. I just think it's funny - OTOH, I worship my slow cooker. OTOH, I want the pressure cooker. Slow down? Speed up? My sister! My daughter! My sister! My daughter! ;-P

  7. Both are indispensable tools though, a slow cooker is like your little stepford wife staying home and cooking for you all day. Your pressure cooker is like having a professional sous chef waiting around to whip up any recipe you want.

  8. I'm sold! And babe, it's totally time for you to start looking for ads here!