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Friday, January 21, 2011

Fish Fridays

So I have some frozen fish I am going to use tonight in my Fish Friday dinner. I have to say I am always a little bit intimidated by fish, it seems so much less forgiving than say, beef or even vegetables. It cooks really fast, it can be easily overwhelmed by other flavors if it is a mild fish and it can be overpowering of simple side dishes if it is really "fishy". Other than the heart healthy benefits, I think that is why salmon really took off. It is a fishy-fish, but it comes in those comforting and easy to use "steaks" and since it has so much good oil in it, it stays moist under much less skillful handling than does say, yellow tail snapper.

So tonight, just for the halibut, (ha!) I am going to approach this from an ethnic foods angle. I am going to do some Greek Fish applications, which from my cursory research seem to depend on salt, lemon, tomatoes and olive oil. And than sounds pretty good to me! I can make some flat bread (been meaning to all week) and a nice salad, maybe some hummus too. I think that by looking at it as an experiment with a cuisine that I love to eat, but haven't actually MADE a lot of I can sort of take the "fish fear" out of it and have more fun with dinner as a whole.

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