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Friday, January 14, 2011

Picnic in the Park

Went to the municipal park to see my husband and some of his team-mates play a little softball to warm up for the tournament tomorrow. Between the all of the parents there we have 6 daughters. The girls were thrilled to be playing together on the playground. I made my MIL's "picnic sandwiches", which are really more of a technique than a recipe, but here ya go.

Chopped picnic sandwiches

Chop half pound of sliced deli ham
Chop half a pound of sliced deli turkey
Chop half a pound of provolone (or your favorite sliced cheese)
Chop up 2 hearts of romaine lettuces
Chopped dill pickles to taste (optional)
Pour over all your favorite Italian or vinaigrette dressing, and toss together, serve on your preferred bread.

You could make this a variety of ways, serving a single type of meat, adding sliced chicken to the mix, or go completely, deliciously veggie by using some sliced olives, chopped onion and chopped marinated artichoke hearts and serving it in a pita pocket. These are great for a picnic, because you carry the sandwich filing in a tupperware bowl or a ziploc bag and serve it there. No soggy sandwiches! Plus the dressing negates the necessity of any mayo or mustard, so you have less to carry.

I served tortilla chips and fresh salsa, red grapes and mozzarella cheese sticks as sides and brought bottled water for everyone. Super fun, super cheap and a great night out with friends. If you are shivering in the cold right now, please forgive me for this post, but the great weather is one of the reasons we live in Florida. On the downside, in the summer we have to deal with mosquitoes bigger than your average Volkswagen -- so there is always a trade-off.


  1. What a great suggestion - I really like the idea of doing this with chopped veg. Also means you don't have to waste time assembling wrapping the sandwiches at home (less waste too!). We do picnics all the time on weekends, so I'm definitely going to give this a go next time.

  2. It really is a time saver and as you point out, less waste over all. Plus the sandwiches are delicious and you can basically use the technique on any sandwich fillings you like. I mean, there are unlimited amounts of vegetables on pita or flat bread. Antipasto type meats and cheeses on italian bread? A cabbage and carrot salad on wheat if you are trying to get in some good fiber? All in all it is one of my favorite tips.