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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lunch time!

I'm home with my 2 year old still. So that means in addition to packing a lunch for my school-ager I am also making lunch for the baby. In response to a request from a good friend of mine; here are some things I make for the baby (and me) for lunch.

* Leftovers. Seriously. We're home, we have a microwave, we eat that.
* PB and J's, I buy organic all natural peanut butter and organic real fruit jelly and I put it on whole wheat bread. Am I the least fun mom ever, or what?
* Oatmeal, she would eat it 3 times a day if possible.
* Crackers, cheese sticks, baby carrots and sliced lunch meat. (Or what Lunchables would look like if they weren't nasty.)
* Lunchables (shame-face)
* Graham crackers with peanut butter, sliced strawberries and chocolate milk. (She;'s not crazy about white milk.)
* Yogurt and granola with fresh fruit.
* Hot-dogs, mac and cheese, and apple sauce.
* Chili with crackers (a home made chili can have LOTS of vegetables in it!)
* Chicken nuggets, broccoli and carrots.
* ABC pasta with homemade veggie red sauce and a sprinkle of real parmesan cheese
* Homemade bread pudding, studded with nuts, blueberries, and whole oats, SO GOOD!

If you involve your kid in making these foods too, even simple PB and J you are teaching them things. How to cook, ingredients, sorting, colors, shapes, textures, nutrition, order of operations, math, geometry, culture, history. I mean *talk* about your multi-tasking! My littlest one knows you always wash your hands before you cook for instance and that knives are sharp and only for Mommies. Whereas my 8 year old recently brought ME lunch one day when I was sick and in bed. That's the picture accompanying this post. If you have any lunch related questions, please hit me up in the comments section. Thanks!


  1. You're welcome! I can expound more on this subject, you know, off-site if you want. :)