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Monday, January 31, 2011

Meatless Monday Mexican Menu

I am making black beans and yellow rice, a staple around here, the baby would literally eat nothing else if given the choice. I made a side of sauteed yellow squash and zucchini, something I jokingly call "Mexican Ratatouille" and I made fresh pico de gallo. I love pico de gallo! It is a chunky salsa made from tomatoes, onions, jalapeƱo pepper, and lime juice. You can zhush it up with some diced garlic if you like, or add some green peppers or cilantro to it too, but I like it very, very plain. The colors remind me of the Mexican flag, red, white, and green!

My sauteed squash dish is very versatile and it is a go-to side dish in my home. Simply slice or chop up some yellow (or summer or crook-neck) squash with or without some zucchini. Sautee it with some sliced thin onions, and some sliced tomatoes (or canned tomatoes) and season them all over with adobo until they are getting some brown spots and everything is quite soft. It pairs well with beans and rice or chicken.

I am also making a side salad, since I planned on making QUITE a bit of salad over the weekend and forgot to make it completely. We had so many vegetables for the cheese dip and on the veggie kebabs that I sort of just bungled it. On the plus side I was introduced to the most delicious variation on tzatziki dip with pistachios in it and a really awesome garlic dip that literally had me moaning in ecstasy over it while I dipped strips of bell pepper! I have to get the recipe from my friend Cami.

I was going to make some fresh tortillas, but we have some homemade biscuits leftover from Sunday, so I am going to use those instead. Hope you all have a good Meatless Monday too!


  1. Right. I'm just gonna copy and paste this onto the dinner plates tonight, m'kay? We didn't do Meatless Monday, so Meatless Mexican Tuesday it is.

  2. how do you make yellow rice, btw?

  3. Ah, you can add a thread or two of saffron to regular white or even brown rice. But here they sell it in a pack. I buy Mahatma brand, other people get Zatarains and it is pre-seasoned and colored. Alternatively you can just make "Spanish Rice" by first toasting your rice in a dry pan and then adding hot water or stock to package directions. This is usually flavored with chopped tomatoes, salt, and maybe a bit of cumin or oregano. Yum!